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Committee Gathering

On 24th of November 2018, PPIA Deakin held a committee get-along at Geelong, bringing along majority of its committee members.

The first main event of the day was a visit to the Waterfront campus of Deakin University, where the participants received a warm welcome from the Geelong chapter of PPIA Deakin as well as a quick tour of the campus grounds.

After the visit to the Geelong campus, the get-along moved to the nearby Geelong beach for a barbecue lunch.

Following the lunch, the committee held a quick mini-games session, which was proceeded by a flash mob-like choreographic routine from the 2018 PPIA Deakin Committee.

The Geelong Waterfront Campus wasn't the only Deakin campus visited by the committee, as participants also paid a visit to the Waurn Ponds campus as well.

The windy Torquay Beach became the next stop for the committee get-along event, where numerous photographs were inevitably taken.

Finally, participants were brought to the nearby Little Creatures Brewery Geelong, which served as the last stop for PPIA Deakin 2018's committee get-along.

The final stop also served as the place for participants to have dinner following a long day out. After that, participants went back to Deakin Burwood, marking the end of a exhausting but exciting day.

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