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Committee Gathering 2.0

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

On the fourth weekend of March, the PPIA Deakin went on for another commitee gathering, this time taking place in The Summit Outdoor Adventure Park, located in Trafalgar East, Victoria. A plethora of events were held during the gathering, including, but not limited to, a bonfire and a cooking pot full of Indomie.

At approximately 10 AM on March 23, the committee gathered in Deakin University Library before departing for Trafalgar East. A total of 23 committee members from 4 divisions participated in this event. The trip from Deakin campus to the camping site took about one-and-an-half hour, with exact arrival times varying across the 4 cars used for the trip.

Right after arrival, the rest of the committee get to unpacking luggage and assigning tents, of which there were 5 tents that were occupied, each of the tents containing 4 sets of bunk beds. The committee gets to relax and familiarize themselves with the breezy, dense locale for a while before getting into the next set of activity: the teamwork games.

After a game of human knot, the committee moved on to a supposedly original team game (of which we haven't decided a suitable name yet) involving an empty water jug and the campsite's kitchen. In this icebreaker game, three teams were supposed to fill up the empty jug all the way with water fetched from the campsite kitchen. The catch was that teams weren't allowed to fill the jug using any of the cups found in the kitchen or elsewhere; they must use something else. Needless to say, some bizarrely unconventional methods were used, such as 'sacrificing' a pair of shoes, soaking up a bundle of tissues, or carrying the water around with a cap. None of the committee members were soaked up wet after this game, though.

When the games were done and the winners determined, it's time for lunch. The lunch, prepared by the ladies, consisted of penne pasta covered in pasta sauce with slices of fried beef sausage on the side. The committee also brought along two jugs of spring water, an assortment of party-size chips, and three party-size bottles of Coke to serve as snacks.

Once lunchtime was over, the event was moved to the nearby auditorium, where the committee discussed about the PPIA Deakin performance for the upcoming Alun-alun event, held by PPIA Victoria. After a while of discussing (and idle ball-juggling), the brainstorming session concluded fruitfully.

Following the brainstorming session was dinnertime. This time around, the gents were put in charge of cooking duty. Dinner consisted of fried Indomie noodle cooked on a gigantic pot along with bits of sliced fried chicken-and-beef sausage on the side. No less than 30 packages of Indomie (as well as their sauces and seasonings) were used in the cooking process.

A period of break time comes, then it is time for what is arguably the peak event of the committee gathering: the bonfire.

The bonfire, which was initiated at around 9 PM, was made up of three smaller events: the group performance, the 'truth or truth' session, and a free-flowing mingling session.

Accompanied by the cool breeze from the forest surrounding the bonfire, the group performances consisted primarily of Indonesian songs, namely Nidji's "Laskar Pelangi" and Yura Yunita & Glenn Fredly's "Cinta dan Rahasia". PPIA Deakin's signature role dance was featured among the group performances as well. All in all, a modest but entertaining set of displays.

As the sky grow darker and the fire grow more luminous, the 'truth or truth' session begins. Quite similarly to the game it's based on, 'truth or truth' dictates each and every one of the committee convey an honest opinion about PPIA Deakin--one member at a time. Members of the committee get to express their liking and disliking of the current state of PPIA Deakin.

Right after that, a free-flowing mingling session. Not much to do here, the committee members were allowed to mingle, share stories, and converse with fellow members to their liking.

Approximately an hour later, the bonfire was extinguished, and participants returned to the tents for the last event of the day: getting some rest. It had already been 11 PM by then, and ideally a good 6-8 hours of sleep would've been good to prepare for the next day. However, as the night went on, participants of the event were known to have slept on 3 AM at the latest; a testament to how much fun and enjoyment participants have had during the course of the gathering, so much so that they've had much energy to spare until dawn.

The next day, 24th of March, was the last day of the committee gathering event.

After a breakfast featuring bread and jam, committee members gathered around for a photo session. First was the entirety of the PPIA Deakin committee (minus those that didn't come, of course), then photographs were taken for each of the four departments.

Following the photo shoot, the time has come to go home. Participants pack up, clean after themselves, (hopefully) leaving nothing behind. Some went for the Deakin Burwood campus, while others went for downtown Melbourne.

In conclusion, the second committee gathering not only was a fun occasion and a good opportunity to further tighten the bond between members of the committee, but it was laden with meaningful activities as well. Surely the two days outside of Melbourne were exhausting, but the fun was well worth it.

With the second committee gathering, we at PPIA Deakin hope that the bond between members was tightened, the spirit to achieve was ignited, and most importantly, may we at PPIA Deakin can achieve #SomethingBig this year!

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