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Friendly Match Vs. PPIA Uni-Melb!

March 30, 2019 marked a special day for PPIA Deakin as they collaborate with the PPIA of University of Melbourne in series of friendly sports matches held in Aqualink Box Hill.

The event started with a ceremonial jersey switch between the two presidents of each PPIA organizations. The 'jerseys' being exchanged were actually committee member shirts, but that minor difference certainly didn't loose the meaning of friendship and cooperation between the two organizations. Following the switch, the games kicked off.

There are three types of sports being held in the friendly match: futsal, basketball, and badminton. With the exception of futsal with one category (men's futsal), the sports being held at the match has two categories each. Basketball were divided into men and women's basketball, while badminton was divided into men and mixed doubles.

Also with the exception of women's basketball, each of the two PPIAs sent out more than one teams for the match categories. There were two pairs of futsal teams, two pairs of men's basketball teams, three pairs of men's doubles badminton teams, and three pairs of mixed doubles badminton teams.

The matches were followed by a collective group photo session, which marked the end of the friendly matches.

We at PPIA Deakin thank PPIA Uni-Melb for the good games we've played and the good memories we've shared together. We do certainly hope this marks the start of a beautiful and bountiful relationship between the two organizations, as well as being the first of many exciting events we're going to share in the future.

Until then, we at PPIA Deakin would like to thank PPIA Uni-Melb once again, and hope you guys have a good one!

Written by Jason Ngagianto

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