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Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Haloka, a brand-new PPIA Deakin initiative was held on 3 April 2019, inviting master students and alumni to share their knowledge and experience to aspiring students.

The event started at 07:00 PM AEDT, during which guests, both undergraduates and post-graduates alike, were welcome to take a piece from the food being served, courtesy of the Internal division. Among the refreshments available were pizzas of various flavors, fish balls, potato chips, and bottles of party-size soft drinks.

After a while of guests mingling, socializing, and snacking, the event was kicked off with a greeting from the PPIA Deakin president, Satria Teguhputra. During the opening speech, the president explained the purpose of the event, as well as introducing guests to the PPIA Deakin website.

Following the opening speech, guests (and their seats) were arranged into a large circle in the middle of the room, allowing for a discussion-type interaction. It was during this moment that the event reached its peak: the sharing session. Subsequent to the guests introducing themselves briefly, the sharing session began.

The sharing session revealed a plethora of useful information, such as tips and tricks on getting jobs and/or internships. From the more general the mentality of job-seeking to the more detailed like job interviewing tips. Not only job-seeking tips, but advice on applying for an Australian permanent residence was given as well, a good majority of which were given by the honored guests of the event, the post-graduate students and alumni. Going beyond the job-seeking advice, some of them also offer a bit of insight into the life of a post-graduate student, the differences and the similarities it's had to an undergraduate's.

An hour or so later, the sharing session ended. Guests and committee members alike were rounded up into one final photo session, after which the event was officially over.

We at PPIA Deakin thank the guests, post-graduate students and alumni alike, for sparing their time and sharing their knowledge with us. We do hope that HALOKA is an occasion we can do more of in the future, but until then, we all hope you have a good one!

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