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The Wonder Bowl Collaboration!

We at PPIA Deakin are proud to announce our collaboration with Wonder Bowl, an Asian noodle soup restaurant based in the Central Business District of Melbourne. The restaurant currently serves in two locations, the CBD location at Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, and its branch at Doncaster East, Victoria.

Albeit its tight connection to mainland China culture with its menu being centered around rice noodles, Wonder Bowl was actually Malaysian-based. With its Malaysian-roots, it is only fitting that Wonder Bowl does rice noodle recipes with a fresh and original Malaysian twist. Though a new and fresh concept, the research and development phase of Wonder Bowl took no less than a year before the first shop was opened.

Wonder Bowl serves in two major flavors: spicy and non-spicy noodles. The restaurant itself is known for its specialty in homemade seafood-based broth. Non-spicy noodles in particular are created to cater towards people with different tastes, namely their preference for non-spicy foods. In addition to their signature rice noodles (dubbed "superior soups"), Wonder Bowl also serves Yee Mee or Chinese Egg Noodles, flat noodles, and vegetarian-style noodles as well.

Thanks to the unique Malaysian twist that Wonder Bowl injects into its dishes, it's able to differentiate itself from other noodle shops out there. In addition to inherently unique taste and texture found in rice noodle, the Malaysian twist helps add a layer of spiciness into a good majority of what Wonder Bowl is offering. This resulted in a unique and pleasant blend of Malaysian and Chinese food flavor rarely found anywhere else.

It is also worth noting that the venue of Wonder Bowl is created with a spacey and cozy feel in mind. It was meant to be a customer-oriented place with its minimalist and modern design, all in the while still maintaining an East Asian atmosphere usually found in noodle shops.

As for the collaboration between Wonder Bowl and PPIA Deakin, visitors ought to present their PPIA membership card as well as their Deakin University card in order for the benefits to apply. If requirements were met, visitors will get a free drink of any type for every main meal purchase.

To wrap things up, we at PPIA Deakin would like to thank Wonder Bowl for their collaboration. As for those reading this post and discovering a tempting offer, we ask you a question: why don't you give it a try?

Written by Jason Ngagianto

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