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Welcoming BBQ!

On Friday, 15th of March 2019, PPIA Deakin officially welcomes both freshmen and graduates alike to the annual Welcoming Barbecue Party.

The party, held at Gardiner's Creek starting from 4 PM AEDT, attracted approximately 80, mostly Indonesian visitors, albeit from a wide variety of backgrounds; freshmen and graduates, Deakin and non-Deakin students, all from different kinds of majors and fields of study.

The purpose of the party was to welcome Indonesian freshmen students into the Indonesian community of Deakin, as well as inviting members of the Deakin Indonesian community to reunite, mingle, and socialize with their peers. The party was also a good opportunity to find and discover new friends from the Indonesian community.

Other than welcoming freshmen and/or being an occasion of reunion, the Welcoming Barbecue also provides opportunities for guests to register for PPIA Deakin-held events, such as Springnation 2019 and the brand-new Talk of the Year (TOTY) 2019. The Springnation open registration allowed visitors to register as participants or part of the committee, while the TOTY table enabled visitors to take part in one of PPIA Deakin's biggest events this year. In addition to stands, both events were announced and promoted verbally as well.

Aside from the events' tables, PPIA Deakin also opened a table of their own, this one allowing visitors to register and become a member of PPIA Deakin, complete with its own membership card. The card enables access to a number of benefits, including discounts at certain vendors.

Also present was the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, encouraging visitors to report into the Consulate's database as well as readily answering questions on registering for the upcoming presidential election.

Among the food grilled and served in the party were skewered sausages, chicken wings, skewered fish meatballs, and loaves of bread. All were served on the house, complete with forks and plates to go with them, courtesy of PPIA Deakin.

The barbecue also presented a great opportunity for Indonesian communities from other universities to announce and promote their own events. This includes PPIA University of Melbourne, of which they announced two upcoming events: Artifact, an early 2000s-oriented nostalgic event, and the Indonesian Film Festival (IFF), to be held from March 22 - April 10. It is also worth noting that the Artifact event team came with their own stand, a photo booth styled after a bouncy castle filled with balloons.

Overall, the barbecue was a pleasant event filled with lively atmosphere, savory food, and entertaining interactions across the board. It was an especially enjoyable experience for us at PPIA Deakin to hold this event.

We hope to see you guys again next year, and for those that have just started their studies here: Welcome to Deakin University!

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